Public Realm Plan


Since 2006, the Fisherman's Wharf CBD has been working with EDAW Inc. the San Francisco Planning Department and with community workshops to explore improvements to the area. 

Through these collaborations and outreach, the six key elements of a Fisherman’s Wharf Public Realm Plan that were agreed upon are:


  1. Pedestrian friendly streets and sidewalks
  2. Safe routes for bicycles
  3. Good for commerce
  4. Works well for transit
  5. Eases traffic congestion
  6. Facilitates parking


These elements will not only benefit San Francisco visitors and residents alike, but will provide an economic stimulus to all businesses in the Fisherman's Wharf area.


"The Fisherman's Wharf community should be proud about reaching consensus on this plan," said Rodney Fong, from the Fisherman’s Wharf CBD. Fong added that "the consensus provides the momentum necessary in securing support and funding to make this plan a reality."


The plan calls for the redesigning of Jefferson Street from Aquatic Park to Pier 35 and includes designs for upgrades to appearance and pedestrian usability, as well as modifications to traffic flows. Specific improvements proposed involve the widening of sidewalks and providing uncomplicated instruction and access to parking facilities. The improvements to the streets and sidewalks will result in the increased safety and overall experience of pedestrians and bicyclists while also working toward alleviating the common complaint of overcrowding.


Taken together, the Public Realm Plan will support a diverse and active public life and will build on the Wharf's historic roots as the home to San Francisco's last working fishing fleet. By reaffirming Fisherman's Wharf's status as one of San Francisco's premier attraction, the Public Realm Plan will both help solidify the Wharf's future economic vitality, as well as strengthen its connection to the city.


We believe that future implementation of these and other projects will preserve and enhance the character and economic vitality of the Fisherman’s Wharf area and ensure that it is San Francisco’s destination of choice for residents and visitors alike.

To download copies of the plan (which is broken into 3 seperate documents based on it's size) click here.