“What a difference a beautiful street can make. As a property manager near the recently improved Jefferson Street, I’ve found that I and many of my 250 tenants and colleagues have come to enjoy this revitalized section of Fisherman’s Wharf’s main artery. The expanded side-walk cafes and the slowed, two-way traffic are very inviting to our employees that enjoy the area restaurants and shops during their l unch hour.”

“Although our building is a block away at the corner of Hyde Street and Beach Street, the new Jefferson Street is very much appreciated and enjoyed during our work week.”

Lou Cuneo, Director Facilities Management, Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

"At long last - the true walkability and scene on at least part of Jefferson Street is realized. Congratulations to SF Planning, ROMA Design and the Fisherman's Wharf CBD for creating a great street where people can walk comfortably and safely. The remodeled portion of Jefferson Street looks like it has always been this way. “

Deb Niemann, Executive Director, Noe Valley CBD

“We are so happy to see the complete transformation of Jefferson Street! With wider sidewalks, great lighting, and calmed traffic, it is now a great place to walk to and stay for a while.”

Laurel Elkjer and Peter Schmitz, North Beach residents

“I am a third generation Italian fisherman whose family has been here since 1908. I am extremely proud of my new street. I have gotten so many compliments from friends and family. It is the new place to visit. It is a well-lit place that all can enjoy any time of the day. The planners have worked with local residents and businesses people and did an unbelievable job. My business (Sport fishing and bay tours) has gone up 20 percent as a result of the changes on the street. I just wish my father and grandfather were here to see it.”

Captain Frank Rescino, The Lovely Martha Sport Fishing

“The Jefferson Street Public Realm improvements have received tremendous praise and compliments from Anchorage Square merchants, hotel guests, office employees, and customers. The newly extended sidewalks with café seating, enhanced outdoor decorative lighting, and new safe two way stained concrete streets have revamped the look and feel of this major waterfront thoroughfare.”

Tony Smith, General Manager, The Anchorage Shopping Center

“Blazing Saddles is very pleased with the new Jefferson Street improvement project. Traffic circulation, bike and pedestrian safety have improved greatly. The increased safety is due to the wider sidewalks and two-way traffic with slower speed limits creating a calmer, friendlier environment. We have also noticed an increase in San Francisco and Bay Area residents visiting the area after hearing about the project’s completion. They have told us that they really enjoy the new style and European flavor and plan to visit more often.

Our business at 465 Jefferson Street has benefitted greatly from the transition to the two-way traffic flow providing easier and safer access for our customers. We are also pleased with a 7% increase in sales during the same period since its completion over last year. We appreciate and found it truly amazing that the SF Planning Department, Fisherman’s Wharf CBD and ROMA Design were able to work together to come up with a design and execute it with such great success. We look forward to the second phase of the project t o complete the entire length of Jefferson Street.”

Jeff Sears, Owner, Blazing Saddles

"As a native San Franciscan street improvements and owner of various businesses on Jefferson Street, I am thrilled with the street improvements that were completed in the spring of 2013. It was a much needed boost to the entire Fisherman's Wharf area, and I look forward to the completion of the Jefferson Street improvements from Powell to Jones in the very near future. Watching the pedestrians casually stroll down the wide sidewalks and watching the traffic, both bicycle and automobile, slowly move down the street has been a pleasure. Everything is working beautifully. Everyone who worked on this project and brought it to reality should be commended." 

Nick Hoppe, Owner, Cioppino’s Restaurant

"As owner and partner to four retail stores on Jefferson St., I would like to express my sincere gratitude and satisfaction with the redevelopment of Jefferson St. corridor, named Public Realm Phase One. The street has become much more pedestrian friendly and has contributed positively to our business. Our customers spent more time in the area and seem genuinely happy to absorb the new sights and scenes. This project has had a positive impact on the entire neighborhood and I can’t wait to see the final product with the completion of Phase Two." 

David Berbey, SFO Forecast Inc.